Now & Then: Cinderella Wedding Day

Cinderella's wedding will take place very soon.
And the girl still does not know what dress to choose.
She loves vintage dresses, but she also likes modern fashionable wedding dresses.
Therefore, Cinderella cannot decide which dress will suit her.
You have to help Cinderella and choose for her the most beautiful wedding dress that will look very beautiful on the bride.
So, first try on the dresses that were worn by noble ladies, princesses and queens themselves.
Even to the dress you need to choose beautiful jewelry, shoes and hair, so that the image was full.
After that go to modern wedding dresses.
Here also create a beautiful image for Cinderella.
But that's not all, yet you will be able to combine two styles, one classic and the other modern.
Perhaps this is the image that fits best and Cinderella will be the most beautiful bride.
Good luck!